A DevOps Padawan Journey

OSCP or Online Certificate Status Protocol for friends, provides a centralized mean of checking certificate validation and revocation by a central authority in the form of a Certificate Authority that migh emit and revoke certificates.

So you have created your Letsencrypt certificate using certbot, and now wish to import the generated certificate to your already existing server such as Wildfly or Tomcat that makes use of a Javakeystore, and where you were previously using your self signed certificate that comes along with each tutorial.

So in our previous post Haproxy ssl termination for Jekyll we learned how to create a docker container capable of creating self-signed certificates or use previously created certificates to create our haproxy ssl termination to our backends, and always make sure our certificates were re-evaluated by haproxy on each change....

For this blog’s first post I described a simple start for people getting into Jekyll blogging by using docker and how to start a blog using a Jekyll docker based image with a ready to use theme.