Ruby gems certificate checking solving giving out some troubles

[The solution present on this post assumes using a unix system]

Are you having the following error when trying to install a gem, or a vagrant-plugin ?

Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect(

So, recently I had to downgrade vagrant, and that meant remove previous Vagrant version and made a purge on all plugins.

When I went on to reinstall a few vagrant plugins, rubygems starts complaining about the certificate and for me to make sure I wasn’t behind a proxy.

In fact, I’m not, but for some reason this problem was also transversal to browser navigation that would give me connection_reset_by_peer on chrome and firefox intermittentely.

Decided to give curl a try as well.


And would return the same sort of error

curl: (35) gnutls_handshake() failed: Error in the pull function.

Ruby Gems

So how to install gems from rubygems? Well, if it is a transient error, and you wouldn’t mind downloading without SSL/TLS encryption, this is a temporary solution, yet not advisable on the long run for you.

First remove the source on the gems

First list them

gem sources

Should output something like this


Yes lets go remove that source now, as I’m not behind a proxy nor I can install gems.

gem sources --remove

And add a new source

gem sources -a

If your issue was to install gems using ruby, this should help.

Don’t forget to revert to SSL/TLS after the problem is actually solved.


If your problem exists when doing a plugin install, i.e. vagrant-lxc

vagrant plugin install vagrant-lxc


Vagrant failed to load a configured plugin source. This can be caused
by a variety of issues including: transient connectivity issues,    proxy
filtering rejecting access to a configured plugin source, or a  configured
plugin source not responding correctly. Please review the error     message
below to help resolve the issue:

  Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect     (


You can always ignore Vagrant sources for plugins

First define the version of the plugin to install for lxc example below:

#It always follows vagrant-$PLUGIN-$MAJOR.$MINOR.$CHANGES.gem

And then just make use of:

vagrant plugin install --plugin-clean-sources vagrant-lxc-1.4.0.gem

This will directly install the plugin.

Will update post if I find out more about the root causes of this issue, for now this helped me install the vagrant plugins I required.

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